Nadia Mukami responds to Sabato's nasty body-shaming comments

Kenyan artist Nadia Mukami stands up against body shaming in a fiery Instagram response.

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• In the world of social media, where opinions can be shared instantly, sometimes the line between constructive criticism and body shaming gets blurred.

Nadia Mukami
Image: Instagram

In the world of social media, where opinions can be shared instantly, sometimes the line between constructive criticism and body shaming gets blurred.

Recently, a popular social media sensation, Sabato Sabato, took to Instagram to call out Kenyan artist Nadia Mukami regarding her body weight.

His comments sparked a heated debate, with fans and fellow artists weighing in on the issue.

''Weuh mi nimeona nadia leo na Mshale boy, shida yenu wasichana ni moja if we tell you the truth , wasichana watakuja,mafeminist nyinyi watu wakishebedu mnasema ooh body shaming lakini ukweli ni ukweli.''  Said Sabato.

Sabato's remarks were captured in a video reel where he made disparaging comments about Nadia's appearance, comparing her to Charlie Chaplin.

He contrasted her to other female artists who had given birth like Amber ray while making derogatory remarks.

''Mimi nataka kuadvice huyu msanii, bytha me napenda ngoma zake, my friend, my friend wewe msichana rudi gym, music and being an artist appearance ina matter hivo venye unajiachilia dada, hata Amber wa jaba amejifungua na amemaintain wasichana wengi wamejifungua na wamemaintain, rudi gym.''

Nadia wasted no time in responding to the body shaming, asserting her right to embrace her body, and criticizing the act of public humiliation.

In her Instagram posts, Nadia expressed her disappointment with Sabato's comments, urging him to find alternative ways to gain attention rather than targeting her body.

''Don't body shame me!! If you want to trend use something else not my body! Who brought you up? A woman? She should be ashamed! I like my body till my baby reaches around 2 years! For now, I will eat since I am still breastfeeding!! You don't like my body, there are other female artists you can listen to! Mark this comment !! You will never enjoy parenthood! ( spits on my hand!)''

She highlighted the importance of self-acceptance and emphasized that women should not be subjected to body shaming.

Nadia also warned Sabato that such behavior would come back to haunt him, wishing him to experience the joys and challenges of parenthood.

The social media reactions to the controversy were mixed. Some fans defended Nadia, praising her for standing up against body shaming and emphasizing that a person's worth should not be determined by their appearance.

Others expressed their disappointment in Sabato's public approach, suggesting that private communication would have been more appropriate.

Notable personalities such as Odhiambo Duncan, a fan of Sabato, acknowledged the truth in his comments but advised him to handle such matters privately.

Similarly, popular influencer Ngash4real supported Nadia, stating that Sabato had crossed a line with his remarks.

The backlash against body shaming continues to grow, with many individuals rejecting the notion that appearance defines one's talent or worth.

Kenyan fans rallied behind Nadia, commending her for her confidence and sending messages of support.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting body positivity and respect in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Artists and influencers have a responsibility to lead by example, promoting inclusivity and uplifting others rather than tearing them down based on their physical appearance.

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