Groom slammed for spending time on phone during wedding

A groom obsessed with his phone while ignoring the bride amuses netizens

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Netizens slam groom for terrible behavior
• Bride doesn't react to his using the phone at wedding

groom on pohone amuses netizens
groom on pohone amuses netizens

A video of a groom exiting the church heavily engrossed with his phone while ignoring his new wife has gone viral.

The man walks down the aisle after saying I Do, all the while looking at his phone, while his bride happily smiles and dances away as they exit the church.

Netizens are amused with many making fun of the beautiful couple shared by Twitter user Mahuntsu.

The video has garnered so much interest that even celebrities are reacting in disgust to his actions. The video shows the bride has no objection to his using the phone and she does not even look his way.

She interacts with guests as they continue walking out of the church.

Below are some of the reaction comments

@pontsho_mp: Guys, y'all are more concerned about the phone. Did y'all see a major red flag thereby 0:30 😱 she is getting herself into a mess

@khukzaca: Imagine on your day not being happy. This man was either forced or doesn’t love this lady. Why get married then? Well, let’s mind our issues.

@DonaldMakhasane: This marriage is over 😂

@I_Am_Winter: I genuinely want to know what he was doing and why she wasn’t bothered @kakese_leon: He may have had to take care of some urgent business on the phone at the time.

@muyaa_mbango: This is insane… disrespectful and condescending. Uncalled for.

@Ogcsn: Was he forced into this marriage because this is crazy

@popmpn80: Talking to his side chick

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