Bruce Matheka pens emotional message wanting to quit his modelling journey

He is unable to contest in Mr Worldwide Kenya due to lack of finances.


β€’ Bruce Matheka vented out his frustration of not being able to represent his country and giving up on his modelling dream internationally.

β€’ This was caused by lack of Sh380,000 .

Bruce Matheka
Image: Instagram

Bruce Matheka who was handed the title and franchise of Man of The World Kenya 2023, was scheduled to go and represent Kenya in this year's edition.

He reveals how he feels so disappointed for letting all the people who had believed in him down. 

Bruce narrated how he had been a model for the last ten years and to him this was the height of his modeling journey he felt he had left a failure.

 "...I took a risk quitting my job one year ago, dreaming big, it's now a dead dream..."

which he said had left him depressed and hurt.

Bruce had reached out to several people who had promised to offer him support and some had even attended his coronation ceremony that was held on 17th December 2022.

He felt he had been pumped and cheated with empty promises, and maybe to him, this was due to him just being the son of an ordinary person.

Man of The World Kenya 2023πŸ‘‘πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ on Instagram: "END OF ERA!!πŸ’” After 10 years of modeling, am leaving as a big FAILURE. I worked hard to make it to the international runway. But after 3 failed attempts, & my age won't allow me to contest another pageant, I throw in the towel. I pen this in depressed condition,with tears, it's painful,hurtingπŸ’”. I invested heavily in this,I took a risk quiting my job one year ago,dreaming big, it's now a dead dream. The government which I voted for has killed my dreams,is it bcoz am a son of nobody powerful?Why did my dad died maybe he could have been powerful, and maybe my tribe betrays me,I don't have answers.People close to me have let me down, the politicians whom we met, engaged, phoned and ignored all of u av let me down, the celebrity comedian who gave me empty promises,u let me down, if I reached out to u, u av let me down, from online abuse, WE HAVE ALL LET OUR COUNTY DOWN! It was not all about me, it was about our country, abt the future of thousands of male models in Kenya, it was abt the deaf community that I advocate for,it was abt our inmates I was visiting to give them hopes thro fashion&chapati forum platform in prisons, it was about the highschool program i introduced that benefits millions of students, it was abt our environment,we were planting a target of 1,000 trees every year. I had a dream to partner with international NGOs,this was my advocacy to the whole world thro this competition.Its sad how lack of Ksh380,000 will rub off all these legacy. Finally I want to thank my management @dgohnie & @Raquel for believing in me,we did our best.For the believers who sent their contributions,God bless u, we managed to collect 48% of the target,the management is working to refund every coin sent, that's was a great effort feel proud of yourselves. For the thousands of young people looking up to me,the deaf community whom I promise to fight for u, av failed u. Forgive me. Am leaving the industry with my head facing downπŸ˜”,with heavy debts in my back,haters having a party. As I take a break from social media to meditate my life, I relate my situation to that of Jesus 40 days in the wilderness. I feel this too heavy for me to handle. All shall be well πŸ™"

To him, this competition was not just about him but the people whom he used to support through his modeling initiatives.

" was about the deaf community I advocated for...the inmates I was visiting to give them hopes through fashion and chapati...the high school program I introduced ….about our environment and tree planting exercise..."

Bruce revealed that it was just a deficit of Sh380,000 that will make this not possible and all these plans had gone down the drain.

He thanked his management and the few people who had given their money through the contribution channel.

Bruce revealed that the money that was sent in will be refunded back to the last cent to everyone who gave.

People took to comfort him in the comments section and told him not to give up on his dream.

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