Nameless shares hilarious demand note from his 2nd born daughter

• Nameless and his wife Wahu have 3 daughters together

• Their 2nd born, Nyakuo had recently wrote a letter to Wahu as well

Nameless shares hilarious note he received from his 2nd born daughter, Nyakio
Image: Instagram

Veteran musician/ architect David Mathenge popularly known as Nameless has left his over 1.6 million Instagram followers in stitches after he shared a note he received from his 2nd born daughter Nyakio.

The father of 3 took to his Instagram to share with his fans and followers the pressure he was receiving from his baby girl.

Nameless shared that his daughter was obsessed with school and being there on time thus she wasn't taking her dad's lux nature in the morning hours as they prepare for school lightly.

According to the artist his daughter grew tired of waiting for him as she felt he was taking his sweet time in the shower. Thelittle girl resulted to living her dad a note so that when he comes out of the shower will be compelled to hurry up.

"Hello! By Nyakio, Daddy let us go. I am late!!! I need to go now," the little girl's letter which was accompanied by a drawing of a sad face read.

Nameless sharing the note online went ahead to ask other parents if they experience such or he was on his own.

"The kind of notes nawachiwa on top of  the desk outside my shower, kwani baba galz hawezi chukuwa shower in peace????

Ni mapresha tu (There's just pressure everywhere)! Wueh," the first part of his long post read.

The veteran artist shared that he was a little happy over the fact that he was being pressured for the right reasons, adding that it was beautiful to see that his daughter loved school.

"At least anapenda shule," said Nameless.

He also took the time to assure the online in-laws that his long shower didn't eat into school time and little Nyakio was able to arrive on time and without any issues.

"We got there in time though... I'm that guy," Nameless added, clearly very proud of himself.

Finishing off, he took the opportunity to thank his fans for their support especially all those who tune in to watch them on air.

"Aaanyway, thans for watching This Love on NTV last night. Your feedback keeps us going. In case you missed it repeat will be on Sunday at 2pm. #Raising queens #This Love.

Sometimes school drop be like this #Mtoto wa msanii," the last of his post read.

The post has over 10 thousand likes and close to 200 comments of netizens reacting to Nyakio's letter. Some pointed out that they hadn't yet recovered from the mother's day letter she sent Wahu while others laughed at the subtle-aggressive way in which she had presented herself.

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