It seems impossible- Mr. Seed on surviving grisly road accident

• Mr Seed was involved in an accident on the Nakuru-Naivasha Highway 

• He was in the company of DK Kwenye Beat, the late Ambrose Khan and unidentified friend

Mr Seed
Image: Instagram

Gospel artist Mr. Seed has shared a video of him inspecting the car which he was involved in an accident in.

The artist shared that him being here and alive still seemed impossible to him especially after seeing the state of the vehicle after they had crashed. Sharing the video, the 27-year-old maintained he was sharing the post as a way of giving thanks for his life.

"Thanksgiving post!" Announced the gospel artist. He went on to emotionally pour out his heart in the  video's caption.

"I'm feeling extra grateful for the gist of life... You all know about the accident that happened, well here is what you don't know; it made me realize how precious every moment is," opened up Mr.Seed.

The 27-year-old recording artist went on to list things he was feeling extremely grateful for.

"I'm grateful for my family, my friends, my fans and every day that I get to spend and interact with them," Mr.Seed emotionally wrote.

Finishing up on his post, the artist assured his fans that he was recuperating well. He also promised to drop a video on his YouTube channel showcasing

"It may look impossible from the human eyes how I came out alive... don't worry I will be sharing about my well-being and healing process today on my YouTube page," finished off the artist.

In the video, the artist showed himself at the junk yard looking at the beat up, crushed state the car he, his friends and his team were traveling in looked like.

His post comes in shortly after his girlfriend Nimo shared a cute yet emotional video of the artist in crutches struggling to go about daily activities. He could be seen leaning on a wall as Nimo carefully placed toothpaste on his brush as she went ahead to help him clean his teeth.

Mr Seed was involved in an accident on the Nakuru-Naivasha Highway alongside fellow gospel artist DK Kwenye Beat, the late video director/ photographer Ambrose Khan and another friend who also sadly died from accident.

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