Felista Mugo takes the Kenyan flag to EFC

Pro MMA fighter Felista Mugo, a rising star from Kenya, captivates hearts despite early defeats.

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Felista Mugo, a fearless MMA fighter, is making waves in a sport that demands physical prowess and mental resilience

• Despite losing her first two professional matches, Felista Mugo's unwavering spirit and representation of Kenya in the (EFC) have ignited a deep sense of pride among Kenyans

Felista Mugo againist Nicole Van Wyk
Image: Courtesy of EFC

In the fast-paced world of mixed martial arts (MMA), Felista Mugo, a talented Kenyan fighter, has quickly captured the attention and admiration of her compatriots. 

Despite facing setbacks in her first two professional matches, Felista Mugo's unwavering spirit and representation of Kenya in the Extreme Fighting League (EFC) have ignited excitement and a deep sense of pride among Kenyans. 

A Promising Start:

Felista Mugo stepped into the world of professional MMA with great determination, becoming a pro fighter at a young age. 

Although her debut matches resulted in defeats, it is important to recognize the immense courage it takes to step into the ring and compete against skilled opponents.

 Her willingness to challenge herself has earned her the respect and admiration of fans and fellow athletes alike.

So far she has had two fights in her professional career, she lost her debut match to Sephora Kiala of the DRC by unanimous decision, the fight lasted 5 minutes.

The battle with Nicole Van Wyk:

One of the fights that brought Felista Mugo into the spotlight was her exhilarating clash with Nicole Van Wyk from South Africa.

Felista put up quite an impressive fight from the beginning but was unfortunately overwhelmed with blows to the face by Nicole van Wyk at the lost moment after she was pinned on the ground, she lost to TKO punches, and the match lasted 2:34

Despite the eventual outcome, Felista showcased her skills and resilience throughout the match. Engaging in a thrilling contest, she demonstrated her technical prowess and determination, leaving a lasting impression on spectators.


The viral sensation that followed the fight showcased the immense support and pride Kenyans feel for their representative in the world of MMA.

Continued Support and Excitement:

Kenyan fans have rallied behind Felista Mugo, celebrating her journey as a symbol of hope and inspiration.

 Her appearances in the EFC have sparked enthusiasm and a renewed interest in combat sports within the country. 

Kenyans recognize the significance of having a representative in the global MMA arena, and they are united in their support for Felista's future endeavors.

A Young Queen's Determination:

At only 23 years old, Felista Mugo possesses a remarkable fighting spirit and a hunger for success. Her affiliation with the Elite Training Center highlights her dedication to honing her skills and improving with every fight. 

Despite the challenges faced in the early stages of her career, Felista remains committed to her craft, determined to prove herself and achieve victory in future matches.

Kenyans eagerly anticipate Felista's upcoming fights, knowing that she represents their country with passion and determination. .

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