• Kenyans take to Twitter to express their concerns over the housing fund terms and term it as a scam to loot from already suffering mwananchi.

• However, Kenyans took to their socials to express their concerns over the said plan- sections equating the program to a well-calculated loot.

State Department of Housing and Urban Development PS Charles Hinga speaks during the Senate Induction Retreat of Roads, Transportation and Housing at Nakuru on February 17, 2023.
Image: The-Star

Charles Hinga the PS for housing in a press conference took to explain the proposed housing fund to Kenyans in detail.

The housing plan is something that every Kenyan that holds a national identification card is expected to be a part of.

However, Kenyans took to their socials to express their concerns over the said plan- sections equating the program to a well-calculated loot.

Others disclaimed that with all the deductions being meted out in the form of taxes by the government this is going to make things even harder.

For some, they say the government says it's not mandatory but from the explanations being given it did not sound like a voluntary act.

It was also made clear that Kenyans who would default on the payments would be thrown out of their houses.

People who already own homes are told to take it also as an investment for their children that as soon as they turned 18 it would be handed over to them.

Here are some of the reactions and concerns raised by Kenyans on Twitter.

Robert ALAI, HSC@RobertAlaiHow the Kenya Kwanza has structured the Housing Fund Govt gives investor land. The investor build the houses and takes 60% while govt gets 40%. Despite being deducted 3% of your salary, you will have to pay 12.5% of the cost of housing upfront to get an allocation. You will pay a Sacco called Boma Yangu the 12.5% to get the allocation. Even if you pay the 12.5%, you are not assured of getting because it’s a raffle. Your 3% is lost and even the extra 12.5% is not guaranteed to deliver you a house. Housing Fund is a SCAM

Mungai Kihanya@mungaikihanya·1hDear fellow Kenyans, I am beginning to think that this National Housing Fund thing is a red herring. Intended to divert our attention from other more serious and punitive tax measures in the Finance Bill 2023. As we're engrossed on housing fund, other taxes be slipped through

Nahashon Kimemia@NahashonKimemiaOrdinary Kenyans wanalia bei ya unga, sukari, stima, na mafuta na wewe uko hapa unawaambia mambo ya basketball courts? What a shameless govt official. Housing Fund is a scam, a govt sanctioned pyramid scheme. Kenyans will lose billions. Nimeona mnataka kuweka Azimio box by giving Uhuru custodial rights to those funds. Your greed knows no bounds

Ochieng@its_fanuelWhen people say the Housing Fund is not a good idea at this time, they are not saying so because they are not patriotic, they are saying so because they are struggling. I am beginning to think that there is some bubble at statehouse that once you get in there, you are divorced from reality that you begin to think all Kenyans pick money from trees or their bill are paid for by taxes like the bills of leaders are. Nothing makes sense of this elitist proposal to add more taxes on hustlers, especially this time when the economy is constricting. The UDA economic team are living in Utopia.

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