Samidoh's wife Edday raises serious concerns with latest social media move

Edday has unfollowed the Mugithi singer on Instagram.


• Singer Samidoh is not among the 524 accounts that Mrs Edday Nderitu follows on Instagram.

• In February, Edday warned Samidoh that he is not ready to raise their children in a polygamous marriage.

Samidoh with Edday Nderitu in a past photo.
Image: Instagram

Samidoh's wife, Mrs. Edday Nderitu, has raised serious concerns about their marriage of more than a decade after she unfollowed the Mugithi singer on Instagram.

It is not clear when the mother of three children took the step of unfollowing the singer but our investigation of her page with more than ninety thousand followers has determined that the singer is not among the 524 accounts she follows on the social network.

This comes just a few weeks after she flew to the United States with her three children. She has not yet confirmed if she returned to Kenya and if so, when she plans to do so.

This is not the first time Edday Nderitu has raised concerns about her marriage with the Mugithi musician.

A screenshot of the people Edday is following.
Image: Instagram

About two months ago, the mother of three sparked rumors of the breakup of their fifteen-year marriage after participating in the Tiktok challenge of Harmonize's song 'Single Again'.

Edday posted a short video that showed her lying alone on the couch muttering the words to Konde Boy's hit song.

In the video, she looked free and happy while singing;- "Maybe this love is not for me, I am single, Do you know that I am single? I am single again," she sang.

Some fans who commented seemed to read the message as an announcement that she is no longer with Samidoh.

The two were however seen together several times later until earlier this month when Edday left the country.

In February, Ms Edday wrote a long message to Samidoh on her social media pages warning him that she is not ready to raise their children in a polygamous marriage.

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