Jackie Matubia hints at why she would leave a man quickfast

The couple started dating in February 2021 and recently celebrated their second anniversary

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Matubia and his girlfriend Blessing Lung'aho have been rumoured to be at odds in recent days.

Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung'aho.
Image: Instagram

Actress Jackie Matubia has claimed that she cannot continue in a relationship with a man who has stopped providing financially.

The actress, in a clip she uploaded on her Tiktok imitating another woman's voice, said that she cannot even think twice about the fate of her relationship with her man, if the man puts a limit on giving her money.

"I will leave him early, I will block him and to be honest I cannot have any business with someone who does not want to spend his money on me. It's as simple as ABC…” Jackie said as she mimicked the voice.

Watch the video below;

For several weeks now, Matubia and her boyfriend, Blessing Lung'aho have been rumoured to be having relationship issues.

However, Matubia in an exclusive interview with a radio station in this country dismissed the gossip saying that she and Lung'aho were on the same page but she also seemed unwilling to go in depth about the state of their relationship.

Fans began to feel uneasy about their relationship after Matubia uploaded another clip on her Tiktok imitating the voice of a person who had been asked for certainty about their romantic relationship and said that she was not at all sure about love.

In the video, she talked about the mistake she made and how she could never recover from it.

"I was thinking that I am the only one who is called babyghurl and I made a mistake and picked up his phone."

The couple started dating in February 2021 and recently celebrated their second anniversary.

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