'Inakaa apartment!' Stunned Gidi says about Khaligraph's mansion

The radio host was shocked by the size of the 4-storey mansion

praises Khaligraph JOnes after seeing the multi-million mansion the artist is working on
Radio host Gidi Gidi praises Khaligraph JOnes after seeing the multi-million mansion the artist is working on

Radio host Gidi has taken to social media to congratulate award-winning artist Khaligraph Jones on the progress of his multi-million mansion.

Gidi shared that upon seeing the construction sight he at first thought it was a residential flat being put up until a watchman informed him that it was indeed the artist's soon-to-be home and not apartments.

"So today while on my way back to Nairobi I decided to use this new road from Suswa - Ngong - Karen- Nairobi... Along the way near Karen I decided to inspect some pieces of land that I had bought many years back. It's over 6 years since I was here. Then am seeing some huge building coming up.

Nikauliza some watchie hi ni apartment ya nani and we said hakuna kujenga apartment hapa." Started off the radio host.

He went on to add;

"Then the watchie tells me hiyo sio apartment, ni 4 storied house na ni ya Msanii. So am like, msani mgani huyu amejenga bonge la nyumba hivi. Then watchie tells me ni vule wa rap anaitwa Khaligraph Jones."

Gidi shared he was too stunned and actually had to text Papa Jones to confirm if indeed what the watch man was seeing was actually true as he was mind blown by the house.

Radio Jambo host Gidi shows off Khaligraph Jone's multi-million mansion that is currently under construction

"Wueh! I texted Khaligraph and he confirmed this is his property. I am so excited not only that he's going to be my neighbor but also how this hardworking artist has decided to invest in a home," Gidi added.

He went on to recount how things have changed comparing the revenue he used to make from music back then and how much artists are making these days.

"When I was doing music, we could hardly make enough to even think of buying land in such neighborhoods. I guess the digital space and more commercial opportunities has enabled artistes to earn more from the trade,"

Finishing up the Radio Jambo host reminded people nothing comes easy and hard work is in the cornerstone of almost everyone's success story as nothing comes easy. He also commended Khaligraph for setting the bar high and showing the importance of smart investments.

"However only hard work and determination can make you harness those opportunities. Am glad my guy Khaligraph Jones is setting the bar high," Gidi gushed.

khaligraph is building a huge multi million mansion
khaligraph is building a huge multi million mansion

"To fellow artistes, Invest when you still up there, music is dynamic and trends change, usitumie pesa kwa pombe na wanawake then one day unaomba mchango. Be like the OG!" the last of his post read.

6 months ago on his social media page the "Tuma Kitu," hitmaker revealed he was under no pressure to have the house up at a certain time frame or to impress people as he currently didn't have a lot of cash to splash on the house.

He however maintained that the house would be ready before the end of 2023.

"I'm building it at my own pace because I don't have all that money, but mimi sijengi nyumba za ufala, najenga nyumba noma. (But either way, I'm not building just any house I'm working on a mega house)."

"It's massive with many bedrooms. Najisukuma," said the musician trying to be humble but failing at it.

He emphasized he was showing his success in a bid to motivate people and remind them that nothing is impossible if one sets their mind to it.

"I show my successes because it's something that wasn't shown by guys who were here before us," Khaligraph noted.

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