Andrew Kibe offering Sh100k for one-time job

The YouTuber content creator is based in the US

• He announces he needs a new catchy tune for his show.

Andrew Kibe promises to pay 100k for new signature tune for his show
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Digital content creator Andrew Kibe has announced a job opportunity for artists globally. The US-based Kenyan YouTuber took to his channel to reveal that he was looking for a new tune for his show and was willing to part with sh.100,000 for it.

"If you are an artist and you are hearing my voice, listen very closely... Listen to this offer that I am making for everyone who is here. So I am looking for a new song for my channel.

I need to upgrade so I'm looking for a new song for my show. So I am looking for a new tune for the show," started off with the former radio host.

He went on to add;

"I'm going to pay 100,00k for the song that makes it. If you are a musician and you believe you have skills, find a way of getting your music to me.

It is like a small mini competition, I'm not sure how we are going to do it but I felt deeply that I need a new tune and for this I'm going to pay 100,000 thousand Kenyan shillings!" the content creator passionately said.

Kibe, however, revealed that he hadn't thought through how the selection process would go as he went on to ask for advice from his viewers.

"I don't know how we are going to run it... So how do we do it?" Kibe posed the question to his fans and viewers

Finishing up he encouraged artists to send demos to him as he worked on figuring out the selection process as he truly needed a new tune for his show.

"I'm still thinking about the dynamics... how do I get to decide this is the song that makes it... I don't know but I just know I need a new song!" finished off Kibe energetically.

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