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Controversial global trotting Kenyan-US based nurse Judy popularly known as Mom Teyian is recounting the hectic year she had last year revealing that she was a mess,

Through her Instagram page Judy revealed that she had started turning into an alcoholic and chain smoker in a bid to deal with everything that was going on in her life.

Judy revealed this as she celebrated where she currently was in life and the peace and happiness that she had found after taking time to work on herself.

Sharing a video of her on a little trip exploring a little town on her own the nurse who hight the limelight due to her cheating scandal with Murugi Munyi's husband Zach went on to caption the video, "absolutely loving this phase of my life. Just calm, peaceful, stable both emotionally, financially, physically and mentally."

Judy went on to reveal that during her healing phase she has been romanticizing her life and she loves it.

"I have been doing a lot of movie shiet lately because this environment enables it! I’m in a small town, I met some peeps at the bar and we were having amazing deep conversations, its easier with strangers who you will probably never see again! You know," started off the medical practitioner.

The woman has admitted to having an affair with Murugi's hubby Zach.
Murugu Munyi alias Yummy Mummy and Nurse Judy. The woman has admitted to having an affair with Murugi's hubby Zach.
Image: Instagram

She then went on to open up about the terrible coping mechanisms she adopted when dealing with the drama that rocked airwaves last year.

"Then after they left I'm here again with my headphones staring the river outside the dining bar country music on & so much going through my head!

Last year I was a mess but I dint even realize it,in my head I was like f*ck l just wanna live my life I don't care!

I smoked every single day... l started drinking way more than usual, and I'm never even an alcohol person, like I only enjoy a little alcohol here and there when I go to party once in a while! But last year, think I was lost and in denial of my mental space, I did put in a lot of effort to convince myself and the world that I was mentally okay while I was far from it," Judy revealed.

Finishing off she highlighted her biggest regret was hurting someone who was there for her in all ways when she was finding herself. She was probably referring to the hunk she introduced as her new bae a year ago as the two seemed to have really kicked it off but are apparently no longer together as mom Teyian and her husband seem to have mended ways.

"Well the only thing I feel bad about,I did hurt someone so badly who went literally all in for me when I went through this crazy phase, but si ni life.

You have to do what you gotta do and you have got to give what the heart wants." The last of her post read.

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