How Murugi Munyi is growing since hubby's UK move

The content creator's husband relocated to the UK for a better job

Zach and Murugi Munyi.
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator/ entrepreneur Murugi Munyi has revealed how she is dealing with her husband travelling back to the UK after he visited Kenya for a short while.

Zach who relocated to the UK for work left yesterday evening which seems to have thrown his wife into a sad state.

Murugi shared a video of her looking all sad and grumpy while listening to a sad song.

The video read, "POV: your husband leaves for another stint of long distance and you don't feel absolute hopelessness and despair," accompanied by the hit song "You'll Get Over it" by Nuu, Shawnii, and Xeni before revealing that she had cried all the way from their house to the airport.

She also stated the drive back home was the hardest as that is when it really hit her that she was truly on her own now.

Murugi went on to highlight more details on how she was handling Zach's trip back to the UK which had once again thrown them into a long-distance relationship with time zones as one of their biggest challenges.

Zach has travelled back to the UK leaving Murugi with the kids in Kenya
Murugi Munyi with her husband Zach in the UK. Zach has travelled back to the UK leaving Murugi with the kids in Kenya

"He left yesterday and I am not absolutely dying about it! Woow! That is growth!" started off a digital content creator.

Murugi went on to add that that did not mean that she was okay, adding that she was indeed sad just not as absolutely heartbroken and devastated as compared to the first time Zach left.

"I mean, I am sad but like not as sad as round 1. That is definitely progress," added the mother of 3 accompanying the post with a love heart emoji.

On how the kids were taking it Murugi admitted it was difficult but peaceful at the same time.

"We said goodbye to daddy last night... not goodbye though just see you later! A beautiful, peaceful yet difficult evening, " Murugi captioned as she shared a picture of her and Zach chilling with the kids on their couch smiling warmly while looking at the camera.

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