Gloria Kyallo on why she got a nanny for her dogs

Gloria currently has 3 dogs

• Gloria Kyallo has 3 puppies

• Last year she threw a baby shower for one of her puppies

Gloria Kyallo talks getting a nanny for her puppies

Betty Kyallo's younger sister Gloria Kyallo has revealed that she has a permanent hired nanny for her dogs.

According to the young reality TV star she has really invested in her dogs as to her they are technically her babies.

She went on to reveal that she currently has a nanny for them as the very idea of leaving them alone and unattended to in the house is scary to her

"I do so much to take care of my puppies... like at the moment they are at home with the nanny. Yes I got them a nanny for them because they are my babies and they need someone to take care of them." The 21-year-old entrepreneur revealed during the launch of their reality TV show Kyallo Kulture.

Gloria then divulged into her daily routine with her furry babies highlighting some of the things she does for them.

"I walk them in the morning and in the evening daily... I also feed them 3 times a day and I ensure they are always well taken care of when I'm not around," added Gloria Kyallo.

Gloria currently has three dogs namely; Nala, Shaggi and Lulu.

2 months ago during the launch of her big sister's salon Gloria revealed that she works really hard for her puppies adding that people should stop criticizing her for referring to the furry creatures as her babies.

"People should just leave me alone when I call my dogs my babies. I will call them what I want. They have not started school but they live well," she said.

When asked how much she spends on them, Gloria said:

"At least sh500 daily is okay for me to spoil them. I work for them and my future family."

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