• Tanasha has one child with Diamond Platnumz but after breaking up with him about 3 years ago, she has never shown a new boyfriend.

Tanasha Donna
Image: Instagram

Presenter and musician Tanasha Donna has again sparked a conversation about the photo she uploaded of a man believed to be a Nigerian national several weeks ago.

Tanasha had to straighten out the details after a local blog posted the picture and claimed that many of her followers have been feeling that he is her new boyfriend.

In the picture, Tanasha had praised the man while saying that she would soon see him, words to which the relative replied with love while clearly mentioning him as his lover.

"Look at yourself, I am very proud of you, soon I will come, God willing," Tanasha wrote. "My girlfriend Tanasha Donna, thank you, I'm very eager to meet you again," the guy with the name Zpxnso on Instagram wrote.

Image: Instagram

However, after people felt that they were having an affair, the mother of one came out and denied saying that she is just a friend and that people should not make small things big.

"No, stop that, we are friends," Tanasha said. Two weeks ago, the artist who is Diamond Platnumz's baby daddy hit the headlines when she said that she was not happy living in Kenya and that she had a plan to move away with her son elsewhere.

Tanasha said that constant bad news every day had made her really dislike living in the East African nation.

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