Sportsmen who left their careers and became content creators

Retired rugby players who are making it in the content creation industry.


• Meet Dennis Ombachi and Collins Injera who have been able to shift from being sportsmen to creating content on food.

Dennis Ombachi and Collins Injera.

Most sports gurus who have retired from the game end up taking paths related to their sports.

Be it training others, mentoring young talent, signing up to be coaches or applying for positions of work in their particular sport federations.

But two particular retired rugby players have disputed that norm.

Dennis Ombachi and Collins Injera have moved into the art of content creation and are doing quite well for themselves.

Dennis Ombachi retired from rugby playing due to a leg injury.

His love for cooking also grew during the time he was waiting on his leg to heal and also from him travelling during games, he got to enjoy different cuisines which he tried to recreate whenever he was home.

When the pandemic hit, he decided to start creating this food videos and give out the food to street kids.

He decide to just share his recipes and cooking methods on his Tiktok platform which he saw people loved.

From his cooking videos he has been able to land lucrative job deals and was recently featured in CNN where he shared his story.

Dennis is famous for his phrase done which he says after every step of his meal making.

He does cooking videos in his house on the balcony with his son appearing once in a while to taste the food.

He is planning to set up a Nairobi master-class to teach people how to make gourmet food.

Collins Injera is a Kenyan rugby legend who retired early this year from the Kenya rugby team.

He has also been blessing his followers and fans with videos of him preparing meals on his instagram page.

Collins has a whole highlight dedicated to his recipes and cooking videos.

His love and passion for food also came around during the time of the covid 19 pandemic.

He also has a passion for golf and has worked in advertising some Magical Kenya open golf tours.

Most people have questioned the relationship between cooking and rugby out of the experiences of these two rugby players.

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