Kumbe! Manzi wa Kibera reveals reason for split with fiance

The socialite claims her fiance was sending fare to another woman

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Wambo has told off Kenyans for claiming she used him for his money

Manzi Wa Kibera with her mubaba.
Image: Instagram/Manzi Wa Kibera

A day after announcing she had broken up with her 66-year-old fiance, Manzi wa Kibera has disclosed the reasons for taking such a decision.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, the Kibera-born socialite accused him of allegedly cheating on her and spending money on other women.

She has moved out to another house after the split. She is no longer speaking to him as he calls her a gold digger.

Manzi told Kioko that she is angry at him and used his money as a married woman. "I understand why he is angry about that, he is making it a whole issue, juu his money we were spending it as a couple. He gives me money as his wife," Wambo said.

"Mambo itachemka. It was real love painful and honest love. Your girl was in love, Manzi wa Kanairo. Mzae was listening to haters too much."

She went live online Friday to ask why people are opposing her relationship. She also blasted her fiance for listening to haters, which led him to believe she was after his money.

"I was telling people the truth, they were telling me I was waiting for my ancestor to die I inherit his wealth, ancestor wa nani? That is my ex and I respect that relationship."

The fiance also claimed that Manzi wa Kibera had stopped all communication with him. Manzi has responded,

"Sikatai, I had reached a point where I felt that hizi matrolls zinanibore. Kwani ni mimi wa kwanza wa kuachwa, kwani Vera hakuachwa, na Amber Ray hakuachwa na Jimal?. The truth is I loveed him deeply but netizens were accusing me of being with him for his money. I was his wife, his girlfriend, napiga luku na pesa za mzae, wameanza kunishukishia mood. How can he listen to online haters?"

She says she is truly heartbroken because she had invested so much in that relationship;

"Nilikuwa nimeinvest with my whole soul. Mambo zilikuwa mingi. If I tell you, I did nto break up with him because now he is broke. Ngai kwani kukula pesa ya bwaanngu ni makosa, si ati nilikula na madharau, I was spending that money as my husband. Sikuwa natarajia pension iiishe. Sijaenda mbali, pension ikiingia, pap," she added.

Despite putting the wedding on hold, she still has hopes of getting married.

"Siwezi ongea coz still we have a chance to talk, nani hawezi taka kufanyiwa harusi, but nisijigambe."

She says she still has some little love left for him and even bought the wedding gown for sh45k, and his for sh12k.

"I was happy when we went shopping, and at that time we had issues, but I went ahead and got the gown in case things change. I can sell it."

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