Kibe atajam! Abel Mutua brandishes a car worthy of a 'mkurugenzi'

The film creative previously owned a Mercedes Benz E 250

• The digital content creator was super elated to welcome the new baby to the family and couldn't help but share his big win with his online family.

Abel Mutua in his new car.
Image: Instagram

Barely a day after emotionally bidding his beloved Mercedes Benz E 250 goodbye, award-winning actor/scriptwriter and creative producer/director Abel Mutua has upgraded to a new car...not the Mercedes Benz GLS but a sleek Land Rover Discovery 4.

It seems the father of one has bid his days as a German machine enthusiast goodbye with the shift to the 4-wheel-drive, off-road beast he just purchased.

The digital content creator was super elated to welcome the new baby to the family and couldn't help but share his big win with his online family.

Taking to his Instagram stories he shared a video of the new whip's exterior which pans out to show him and his wife Judy Nyawira inside the vehicle marveling at its interior with their friend Director Phil in the backseat grinning from ear to ear.

In another video shared online he was seen taking jabs at one of his close friends, fellow actor/comedian and digital content creator Njugush who had mocked him after Abel revealed he was parting with the German Machine.

"Do not talk to me! Timothy Kimani Ndegwa do not talk to me.... In case you need to tell me something write an email we will respond in 3 to 5 business days," Abel said as he excitedly shared a video of his car.

"Eehh it is over... It is over Kimani it is over for you!" added Abel excitedly.

Abel Mutua's new car.
Image: Instagram

Friends happily congratulated Abel and his wife Judy for the new acquisition.  Judy on her part shared that the two had gone on a baecation outside Nairobi to celebrate the win.

Yesterday while revealing that he'd parted ways with his beloved sleek white Mercedes Benz E 250, the former Tahidi High actor wrote a lengthy post where he thanked the vehicle for its 5 years of service.

He went on to express his immense gratitude for the unforgettable memories him, his family and friends had had with Miss GT (yes he'd named the car and the initials stood for God's Time) experiences he had with the vehicle throughout the years.

“And after five beautiful years, it’s time to say goodbye. This one was truly one of the best we’ve ever had. It really does feel some type of way but, you know, Change is inevitable," started off the creative film director/producer.

He went on to highlight how he strongly hopes the next person who gets to experience Miss GT will be a great owner and the pair will have a great experience.

“I pray Miss GT finds a beautiful home coz she damn well deserves it," finished off Abel Mutua.

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