Amber Ray's new-born has already amassed thousands of followers without a single post

The baby girl is following the example of other celebrity kids

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Her parents are the only ones she follows and she has her father's surname.

amber ray 5 days post partum
amber ray 5 days post partum

Socialite Amber Ray has introduced her newborn daughter to Instagram. The newborn named Africanah has an Instagram account that her popular mother opened for her under the user name Africana Rapudo Ochieng.

The account details were dropped on Wednesday May 17, as she urged netizens to follow the little tot.

So far the account has over 6k followers. No posts have been published yet as perhaps the family is waiting for users to accumulate.

The official Instagram account for Amber Rays baby girl
The official Instagram account for Amber Rays baby girl

Africanah was born six days ago. Amber and her fiance Kennedy Rapudo announced the good news Monday May 15.

"About the saying ‘you only live once “I’m starting to wonder how true that is! Could it be true that one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day? I may have a few more unanswered questions, but as for now…My man is with me as the angel of my house and I’m a brand new mummy! Welcome home baby A…I have felt you all this life and now I get to see you, hear you and touch you…IT’S A BRAND NEW LIFE 🙌🏾 A life of many lives," the caption read from Amber.

Additionally a welcome home video on Amber's YouTube channel shows how her son Gavin is happy to have a sibling.

The family show off the baby nursery and the lavish way it has been decorated.

"Mama Africanah, thanks for giving us a baby we are super proud of you, and welcome back," Rapudo tells Amber.

Amber also has shared videos while she was in the hospital maternity wing, actively in labor. The intense pain has Amber telling fans that she will never do this again.

"Hapa I was ready to meet my maker..niskie mtu akiniambie nizae tena," she adds.

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