Abel Mutua parts ways with 'Miss GT' after 5 yrs in emotional video

The musician made sure he posted the video of the nostalgic parting

• The hit song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth from the soundtrack of Fast Furious played in the background as the car drove off.

Abel Mutua
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Award-winning actor, digital content creator, and creative director/film producer Abel Mutua has revealed that he is sadly parting ways with his much cherished sleek white Mercedes Benz E 250 aka 'Miss GT'.

The father of one took to his Instagram page to post a video of the German machine being driven off to a transport lorry waiting for it. The lorry had a few other vehicles aboard it including an Audi Q7.

The hit song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth from the soundtrack of Fast Furious played in the background as the car drove off.

Captioning the video, the former Tahidi High actor wrote a lengthy post where he thanked the vehicle for its 5 years of service.

He went on to express his immense gratitude for the unforgettable memories he and his family and friends had with Miss GT (yes he'd named the car and the initials stood for God's Time) experiences he had with the vehicle throughout the years.

“And after five beautiful years, it’s time to say goodbye. This one was truly one of the best we’ve ever had. It really does feel some type of way but, you know, Change is inevitable," started off the creative film director/producer.

He went on to highlight how he strongly hopes the next person who gets to experience Miss GT will be a great owner and the pair will have a great experience.

A lot of emotions for just a car but I'm assuming GT meant a lot to the creative

“I pray Miss GT finds a beautiful home coz she damn well deserves it."Added Abel Mutua.

Finishing the post in his usual humorous way after such a heavy and heartfelt pour, the film director wen on to ask his followers where matatus are usually boarded from or if his stage had changed.

"Haya… Mlisema stage ya Kiambu ilihama pale Park Road ama nirisk tu?” Abel finished off his post.

His wife Judith Nyawira commented on the post revealing she was still in disbelief as parting with GT was hard for the entire family.

The news of GT getting sold has shocked most of his fans as in a past interview, Mkurugenzi, (as he is popularly known,) had revealed that he planned to gift the car to his only daughter Miss Mumbua when she joins the university.

While Abel did not actually mention the reason behind selling his beloved car a section of his fans are speculating that the YouTuber is gearing up  to upgrade into a different vehicle.

Probably his dream car the Mercedes Benz GLS.

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