Rosa Ree's pregnancy has left her looking unrecognisable

Rosa Ree pregnancy look is not what she expected

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Rosa Ree thought she would be slaying in the looks department.

Rosa Ree pregnancy look is not what she expected
Rosa Ree pregnancy look is not what she expected

Two days ago, Rosa Ree revealed she was a mum. That surprising news was dropped on her social media page unexpectedly.

She is now looking back on her pregnancy journey and disclosing that she did not look as cute as she expected, but it was all worth it.

She got a pregnancy nose and dark skin that made her appear very different from how she normally looked.

But she was disappointed, to say the least. While joking about it on a special post-Mothers Day video, Rosa Ree also highlighted that it does give some self-esteem issues.

And a video to prove she looked different was her proof. "Me thinking I will slay when I am pregnant," she showed off a cute made-up face flaunting her baby bump.

In the subsequent clips, the rapper shows her dark-skinned face and larger nose.

"For sure pregnancy and nose need to settle their differences😅 We go through a lot until we are called mothers! Let us learn to respect women, Leba is not a joke! WOMEN ARE THE STRONGEST BEINGS ON EARTH 🏽🏽 🏽🏽 🏽🏽"

In her message, she also called for an end to cyberbullying of pregnant mums, saying any expectant mum feels insecure in her new body.

"Human beings we have been given a lot of abilities by God, but there is no power we have been given that is more than that of being a mother! Motherhood is the biggest power given to us humans by GOD! I am proud to announce on this year's Mother's Day that I too, AM A MOTHER! Happy Mother’s Day s🏽🌸"

Two days ago, she unveiled her baby delivery news to her fans.

On her Instagram, she shared a video of a maternity shoot, the baby kicking in her belly and eventually a baby hand appearing.

The progress also included the moment her baby crawled, making her realize that motherhood is a blessing.

"I didn't look like me, then you came, and oh how my life changed. Leaking b00bs, stretchmarks, sleepless nights, breast pumps," she shared about her journey.

Rosa Ree hit the gym soon after, "Had to hit the gym, tone it down a little bit, going back to work, this time with you in my arms, suddenly life stopped, and started all over again," she detailed some more.


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