Janet Mbugua gets candid about her personal life & raising boys

Her foundation was inspired by the ten years in media where a story of periods of shame steered Janets life

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Janet speaks on transitioning from media to advocacy.

• The ex-media personality was confronting a lot of issues.

Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua recently marked her birthday with a vacation to the coast. 

She was on burnout and need time away alone from her busy schedule. 

"I was dealing with something that was difficult and I didn't know I was dealing with it, and so what this has allowed me to do is just be comfortable with the fact that vulnerability is actually a strength and it's good for you. But it took me a long time to kind of put that in my mind."

She was speaking to the Working Smart and Living Well podcast published on Agenda Women, about transitioning from media to a gender/menstrual advocate,

The ex-media personality was confronting a lot of issues.

"I think the last time I was vulnerable was probably last week around my birthday. I allowed myself for the first time ever to get in touch with myself. Coz I hadn't had space, parental burnout, this burnout, work burnout, allow yourself two days, it is not the end of the world.

"And then I got vulnerable with myself and you know had to come to that place where emotions were let out, but it was within a space safe space, and it allowed me to be vulnerable because I'm like now you know it's okay to be vulnerable."

Janet told that even her two sons want to know if she cries and is happy, something that blows her away.

"I'm allowing myself to in a sense grieve what was, as I transition to a more solitary set up in my life or single set up to just grieve what was and the dream that you had."

She is trying to find her new normal. In 2021, her baby daddy and his twin brother were involved in an alleged assault at a local hotel. She issued a statement condemning gender-based violence.

She now says that the incident was painful.

"The last time I was vulnerable? Wow, without going into detail, there was a public moment that happened to me in 2021 where I was kind of ..as a result of something that happened with somebody I was associated with. It was really public, it was really painful"

She says she is working on being bolder.

"As a person, I've also not been good at being vulnerable publicly because I have done public work for a long.

"So I have to keep it together all the time, which can be very detrimental, coz you always putting on a 'Hi how are you welcome to...' Very detrimental and I internalized being very performative. 

"So I was struggling, I'm dying, inside. I became a mum and that helped a little bit being vulnerable, then was dealing with something difficult and I was really struggling and so what this has allowed me and through therapy is that vulnerability is a be comfortable that vulnerability is a strength."

She also says she was depressed at some point.

Her life's lesson? "Have a meeting with yourself and then you're able to uncover a lot of truths about yourself. Heal your traumas"

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