'I can easily pass as the most beautiful woman in the Guinness World Record!' Milly WaJesus says

The mom of two was instantly trolled online for her interesting 'analysis'

• Milly has in the recent past become more provocative in the statements she makes.

Milly's younger brother proposes
Milly Wa Jesus. Milly's younger brother proposes
Image: Instagram

Milly WaJesus really knows how to poke Kenyans. Yesterday the mother of two made a sensational post that did just that among many Kenyans.

The content creator had started out by asking whether she could ever break a Guinness World Record like Nigerian chef Hilda Baci who has been attempting the same.

"Me thinking hard on which Guinness World record I should attempt to break," she started on her Instastories.

She went on to ponder whether Kenyans would support her in her bid like the way Nigerians have done for their fellow citizen.

"Surely? Hope Jenyans will support me the way Nigerians gave supported Hilda to a point we all know her know."

But this was when she dropped the bombshell/shocker on her fellow Kenyans that left most mouths agape.

And what was that!? That she could well break the Guinness Record for being the most attractive woman in the world!

"Can easily pass as the most beautiful woman in the Guinness World Record," the provocateur stated.

Her comment was highly trolled with many netizens savagely calling her out in comments sections

Some are below;

Thee Ndogogio Hii sura ahata na make up inakaa kuny'iwa.

Elegant Queen She's attractive but her personalityis rotten so you don't even see it.

Dap Labda ashinde ya mwanamke mwenye rohho chafu zaidi Kenya

Alisee Mali Forehead na meno zikiwa wapi

This isn't the first time she has said something so profoundly shocking to her fans. A few weeks ago, Kabi's wife boldly stated that she was Kenya's most loved wife. 

During the launch of the gospel reality show “Oh Sister” Milly said that she and her hubby are the most loved couple in Kenya, with numerous requests flooding her DMs from people requesting her to pray for them to get husbands like Kabi.

“I am the most loved wife in Kenya. This is because of the many prayer requests I get in my DM. People telling me to pray for them to get a husband like Kabi. Kabi is the most loved husband in Kenya,” said Milly.

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