Meet the faces behind some of the iconic fashion houses & clothing lines in Kenya

Get to know their stories in creating these brands.


• Cris Njoki unlike most designers has been quite the face of her brand for a while.

• Home 254 is a well-known brand that creates clothing ranging from sweats to tees to jackets.

Hellen Tolbert, Wandia Gichuru, Job Brian Jura and Cris Njoki

The Kenyan market has also been blessed with some great fashion lines and most people know the brands but not the faces behind these successful brands.

Ellen design - Helen A Tolbert

Helen began this fashion house in 2012 when she quit her 9-5 job to pursue her interest in fashion and design.

Helen A Tolbert

She makes clothes for bridal parties, special occasions and events, official wear, casual wear, and even corporate brands.

Helen had always aspired to be a designer from when she was a little girl helping her mother in her tailoring business.

IKOJN - Cris Njoki

Cris Njoki
Image: courtesy

Cris Njoki unlike most designers has been quite the face of her brand for a while.

She is a content creator and influencer for quite a number of brands.

She began Ikojn while studying at Nairobi fashion school in 2015.

Cris is behind the fast-growing ready-to-wear fashion brand Ikojn which creates timeless pieces for women.

African fabrics and design KE - Catherine Mayeye

Catherine Mayeye

African fabrics are known for dressing most celebrities for events and even for weddings.

It's well known as the name for its specialization in African print as we know them "vitenge".

Catherine Mayeye began this brand from her love for African fabrics and being married to a Nigerian man she wanted to create that kind of line in Kenya something unique.

Wandia Gichuru
Image: courtesy

 Vivo woman - Wandia Gichuru

Most people know Wandia Gichuru from her participation in the KCB lion's den.

Wandia is a Canadian born of a Kenyan father and from her passion for fitness and dance, she birthed the idea of getting appropriate fitness gear.

She then started expanding and making their own clothes and grew to have over 14 retail outlets. Wandia is working on bringing in a new brand called Zoya that deals with loungewear, athleisure, fitness wear, and streetwear.

Style by Neomi - Neomi Ng'ang'a

Most people knew Neomi Ng'ang'a in her acting era on Sumu La Penzi.

Neomi Ng'ang'a

From getting compliments on her outfits while she was an actress, Neomi Ng'ang'a birthed the idea of creating something for curvy ladies.

As a curvy lady, she understands the need to wear comfortable, well-fitting outfits.

They customize and tailor fits and she has managed to dress very influential figures for notable events.

Home 254 - Job Brian Jura

Home 254 is a well-known brand that creates clothing ranging from sweats to tees to jackets.

Job Brian Jura
Image: courtesy

As a student of computer science in 4th year he began drawing designs for his clothing line.

He wanted something that was true to the Kenyan spirit hence why the Kenyan map was part of his logo.

He first bought out plain hoodies, and t-shirts and hired a heat-press vinyl to print the logo using money from his rent, business was slow but it picked up from his referrals and has grown to create more designs and partnerships with many celebrities.

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