Family reveals what Comedian Ochonjo died from

One of the late comedians brother said he was not abandoned by his family

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• It was earlier claimed that he had liver problems.

ochonjo dead
ochonjo dead

Kevin Okoth the late Duncan Okoth aka Ochonjo's big brother has disclosed the cause of death. Speaking to YouTuber Trudy Kitui he said,

"My brother Dan, huyo unajua mungu hupanga vitu zake pia. So I had high hopes with my brother." he mourned his brother.

He admitted that he had a bad feeling when he was called to take Duncan to hospital.

He said how they had an emotional last moment before his death. "I told him Dunco you are strong. Hapo utatoka. He was eating, so while he was eating he lifted his hand and held mine."

He was trying to encourage Duncan by telling him he was happy he can talk and eat. Sadly, this was not the case the next day Duncan became even sicker.

"He was not himself again he could not even see me, he was unable to eat. I left him with his workmates."

That scene of his brother struggling with a painful disease proved too much he left.

Kevin said Duncan had organ failure, "All his organs zilikuwa zimebeat liver, kidney. Kitu imemuumiza Dan. He had Tuberculosis and you cant treat TB while these organs are not functioning."

"There was a clash of medication, so it was hard," he shared.

Duncan was taken to the hospital on May 3, 2023, and on Wednesday, May 10, he passed away at 2 am.

He recalled educating Duncan up until he moved out of employment. "Ameendelea poa after leaving my house He started living with two friends."

The two brothers were living close by but did not see each other much. Duncan shared a house with two friends.

One of his housemates Njeri would update Kevin about his brother's health saying the actor/comedian is fine "In Feb March and end April, Njeri came to me with my brother."

They have another brother called Joshua who said. "It was very late in the night kama saa saba usiku. I was very scared. I found the two then they told me they want to see my briefly."

He opened the gate where they spoke. "They broke the bad news to me. Dan had a lot of diseases kwa mwili, which the body could not contain. Then hizo rumors oh depression, no..if it was neglect...then he was neglected by the friend he was living with."

He questioned why he was not informed of his brother's medical condition. "You can't tell me as three people who live in the same house and one of you has been sick, and even if he is sick, kuna some relative of theirs who live in the same area, you cannot keep one of you in the house until he is bedridden and you don't say, then you come and try to blame the family."

He said the same depression narrative was also driven by Duncan's friends.

"Dunco was not depressed, you cannot abandon your brother. Dun was staying with adults, huwezi abandon mwenzako to let them get sick to the point he can't walk and then take him to work in his condition, then return him home. Mbona hawakumpeleka hospitali?

How do they try and push the narrative that Dunco aliwachwa na family? na wanaishi na yeye kwa nyumba moja?"

Kevin said Duncan could have been helped if he was taken to the hospital early.

"It was too late, when we reached the hospital, the doctor called me and told me your brother is in a very very bad state."

There are people to blame, of which I could be one of them but that is my story, and I loved Dan so much, nobody can fault me about my brother."

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