Larry Madowo's tips on how to survive the harsh Twitter streets

Madowo has been on Twitter for more than a decade.

• Elon Musk had recently  introduced new changes.

• Among those is that users would have to pay Sh1060 to keep or buy new verification badges. 

Media personality Larry Madowo

CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo has given tips on how to survive on Twitter.

Madowo who is celebrating 14 years on the platform, gave six pointers that tweeps can help navigate the platform with ease.

Here’s how I learned to survive Twitter after 14 years:

  1. Turn off notifications (I haven’t received social media notifications for over a decade)
  2. Mute accounts/words/hashtags
  3. Bookmark, don’t fav
  4. Block if you have to
  5. No arguments
  6. Have fun

Just the other day, Madowo was among Tweeps who got their verification badges back after Elon Musk restored their verification badges for people with over 1 million.

Larry expressed shock at Twitter's decision to return verification badges to users and organizations with over one million followers.

“I woke up to a blue checkmark again. I haven’t paid for Twitter Blue.

“Reports say Elon Musk has given it back to “legacy verified” accounts with over 1 million followers. What’s going on?,” Madowo said.

The act of Twitter removing legacy blue ticks had created confusion with parody accounts competing with real accounts to prove their legitimacy.

Mainstream media houses and prominent personalities were busy fighting off fake news being spread by their impostors.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter as the new owner - he introduced new changes and now users will have to pay Sh1060 to keep or buy new verification badges. Madowo had vowed not to pay the fee.

“I have no plans to pay for Twitter Blue at this time and neither does CNN.

“Twitter says my blue checkmark will soon disappear - after 12 years of being verified.

“Anyone will be able to create an account in my name and get it verified for $8. What could possibly go wrong?,” Larry Madowo wrote.

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