Sonko repsonds to allegations he was with Jacque Maribe on the night Monicah Kimani died

Sonko says he is willing to testify for Jacque Maribe if need be.

• Maribe nd her ex-boyfriend Jowie are the main suspects in the murder of business woman Monicah Kimani at her Kilimani home.

 • Maribe says she did not know Monicah.

Mike Sonko and Jacque Maribe on a night out, on the day Monicah Kimani died

Former Nairobi Govern Mike Sonko has confirmed that he was with Jacque Maribe on the night Monicah Kimani was murdered.

According to the flamboyant politician, he offered to take Maribe and some other friends out for drinks after an interview at Citizen, where the mother of one was working at the time.

Unknown to them Monicah's body was to be discovered at her house in Kilimani.Monicah who was 29 at the time of her death had her throat slit and hands bound together.

Her lifeless body was dumped in her apartment bathtub.Her brother also alleged that Monicah had been sexually abused.

Taking to his socials, Sonko detailed the events of his night with Maribe on the night Monicah died.

"On this matter, if I'm summoned by the court, I’ll tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Na kwa mukhtasari tu I'm not the type of friend who disowns his friends at times of trouble.

I was indeed with Jackie Maribe at Citizen TV when I was being interviewed on the JKL show on the 19th of September, 2018, from about 9:45 pm.

I was accompanied by Chela Ruto, Hon. Juju, Hon. Nancy, Hon. Anita (huyu ni yule nilipea the late Hon. Ken Okoth akaweka ball.

May his soul continue resting in peace) and other male friends by then Odhis, Show, Swaleh, Pinye, among others." Shared Sonko

Sonko further added

"After the show, I volunteered to take all those who were with me for kamvinyo and nyama choma kule Club forty forty which belonged to my friend Allan Igambi formerly GM Serena, and Lilian Towers who was also present.

Tulipiga sherehe kwanza mimi nilikuwa na piga Hennesiree Vsop na majiree na around 4am I left for home.

Since hii Mushene was there from the day Jackie was arrested, I managed to download the CCTV ya the club. Iko."

Sonko says he does not know Jowie, who was t the time Maribe's fiance

"However, I do not know Jowie Irungu, and I don't support his actions at all on that material day, and if it's true he murdered Monica Kimani, let the law take its course.

That's is all I wish to state. Upande wa mashtaka muko na swali kwa huyu shahidi. Ohhh ilikuwa ikakuwa, sijui mbirimbi, ukwaju, achari, kitumbua."

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