I was Ochonjo's biggest fan - Obinna mourns late comedian

Ochonjo and Obinna had a beautiful friendship that began in KNT

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Obinna has shared a TBT video of an interview with Ochonjo
• Obinna looked up to Ochonjo way back as an actor

oga obinna and duncan ochonjo
oga obinna and duncan ochonjo

Media personality Oga Obinna has gone down memory lane following the announcement of the death of comedian Duncan Tony Ochonjo.

Obinna shared two videos of memorable moments with the late comedian.

"Tribute video to one of the Best Comedians in Kenya we Ever Knew. R.I.P Ochonjo you will be Missed By Us." he wrote in one video. Nine months ago, Obinna and Ochonjo did a skit that is on the mike wako comedy youtube channel.

He explained how Ochonjo impacted his comedy career. The two met at the Kenya National Theatre, where Obinna opened up about how he looks up to Ochonjo.

As a result of events, Obinna crafted a nickname for Ochonjo -swipe, a moniker that was endearing to Obinna who looked up to him.

"The first time I met you was at the National Theatre. when you did a skit and then did something about swiping on stage. So then I've always called you to swipe. Then I was your biggest fan."

Obinna also took to his popular youtube channel to reminisce about the interview with Ochonjo on the Kula Cooler show, where the late opened up about being a recovering alcoholic among other details.

Ochonjo told Obinna "

Alcoholism ni mindset. If you decide to quit you can. Mine came because of frustration because I didn't have a job. Whatever little money I made I bought alcohol. Being idle inafanya vitu mob sana" he shared.

Ochonjo breathed his last at 2 am on the fateful morning of May 10, 2023. Sandra Dacha mourned him when revealing the news. 

"A day like this last week is when we took you to the hospital…My colleague Ochonjo Dancun took his last breath at 2 am today, 10/5/2023

You embrace death because life doesn’t exist without you.

You have left some wonderful memories that will never fade from our hearts. Until we meet again rest in peace Ochos," she wrote.

He was admitted to the hospital a week before his demise. 

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