If you don't have a secure man, run - Vera Sidika

Vera has shared Nicki Minaj's advise to successful women

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Vera reposts Nicki Minaj's relationship advise.

• Nicki tells successful women about having an insecure man

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika.
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has shared relationship advice from US rapper Nicki Minaj who is quoted in a radio interview calling out men.

The short clip is all about successful women with insecure men.

"If you dont have a secure man, run. You're in trouble because this man needs to be secure in the house and out of the house. He needs to know I got a good woman by my side. I don't care how many men want her she gonna hold me down" read the caption by US musician Nicki Minaj.

The interviewer tried to defend men and why they behave the way they do, but Nicki continued by saying

"And he shouldn’t have to belittle you to make you feel lower so that you can have a low self-esteem so that he can feel better about himself.”

Vera and her husband Beown Mauzo unfollowed each other on social media recently, and netizens are saying it is clout chasing for some upcoming project.

Nicki on the other hand is married to ex-con Kenneth Petty.

Several years back she was in a feud with ex Safaree, they split after 15 years together with allegations he left her because he was jealous of her success.

After the breakup, Nicki in an interview on New York's HOT 97 told women to find a man who is secure to allow a woman to remain a Queen.

When asked if it's hard to date Nicki Minaj, she replied saying "Of course", adding that guys are even scared of her because she is famous and that's the reason she can't be with an insecure man.

Safaree had revealed intimate details that portrayed the Chun-Li singer as abusive, dismissive, and cold.

The two lived together while she was beginning her rap career. He refused to work so she took it up and provided for them.

He was sick and tired of being in her shadow.

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