Devine Collections founder Mercy Maluli acquires a sleek Mercedes G-Wagon

The Devine Collections CEO got herself the car to celebrate her 33rd birthday

• The business woman says she had prayed for such a car for her 40th birthday.

• She is known for her love for the finest things in life.

Devine Collections CEO Mercy Malulu acquires a sleek Mercedes G-Wagon for her 33rd birthday
Image: Instagram

Devine Collections CEO Mercy Maluli has just acquired a sleek all white Mercedes G-Wagon to celebrate her 33rd birthday.

Sharing her latest acquisition online Mercy shared a video of her upgrading from her old Mercedes to the new beast.

In the video she drives the first car, parks it next to the G-Wagon alights and walks over to board her multi-million birthday gift.

Her kids can be seen excitedly gushing over the car as the birthday girl opened the sunroof allowing them to enjoy the view as they jumped up and down unable to contain their excitement.

"Congratulations mummy," one of her boys can be heard saying, as they high five they mom. Mercy then smiles and drives away

"God did! From glory to glory. All glory to Him for exceeding my expectations this year." The excited CEO captioned the video.

Mercy who also doubles as a stylist, content creator and personal shopper shared multiple photos of her in an all white outfit posing next to the Mercedes G-Wagon along with a huge bouquet of red roses.

In one of the photos her car is adorned with red love hear balloons as she goes on to reveal it is exactly what she had asked God for for her birthday.

"Mercy Maluli :Dear God, I want you to bless me with G-WAGON on my 40th birthday🙏🏼

GOD : My child I have better and bigger plans for you, bigger than your dreams, You deserve it on your 33rd Birthday 👌

The best is yet to come. You guys , I serve a living God. My birthday gift is so beautiful," the mother of 2 captioned.

On her stories she gushed over how she truly deserved the car and the beauty of it coming 7 years earlier than she'd envisioned.

The car is estimated to cost anything between Sh.9 million to 25 million depending on the year of manufacture and modifications made to the machine.

Fans and friends have flocked her comment section congratulating her on the multi-million acquisition as well as wishing her a happy birthday plus more good tidings.

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