Cele and Njugush recount losing luggage on their way to UK

The two had earlier on missed their connecting flight from Nairobi to UK

• Njugush and Cele had flown to the UK for SN:4 of their comedy show Through Thick and Thin (TNT)

THe two lost their luggage on their way to their UK show
Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) and her husband Timothy Kimani (Njugush) THe two lost their luggage on their way to their UK show

Digital content creators Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) and her husband Timothy Kimani (Njugush) are recounting how losing their luggage on the way to their TNT UK comedy show affected them and their act.

Speaking on her YouTube channel Cele started by revealing their trip had been sort of been chaotic from the word go. They had started by missing their flight on their way to the UK but luckily lady luck was on their side.

The couple were placed on the next flight and only had to wait for 40 minutes.

"These are two parents that have just missed their flight..." started off the mother of 2 as she chuckled.

Joining in on the video her husband added it wasn't their fault, "yeah... because we miss our babies."

Cele reaffirmed what her man had said adding that there was a delay in Nairobi and that's why they'd gotten to the Istanbul check in late. 

Upon arrival they released they had a bigger problem... they had lost their luggage in between missing their flight and getting rescheduled.

"We are missing 3 suitcases! 3 suitcases! If this one was able to catch up with the next flight why didn't the other 3 make it? I'm really hurt.

Unajua nguo za show ziko kwa hizo suitcases." Wakavinye said.

Joking and in his usual high spirits Njugush once again chirped in adding, "Cele alikuwa na selection ya nguo! Mimi niko sawa I'll just be with this one hoodie all through.

It has happened, kama mbaya mbaya. Suitcase zimepotea."

Despite the delay and leaving the bags behind they went ahead and performed even without the bags as they had almost entirely everything that they were going to use in the show including costumes. 

On his Instagram page the father of 2 speaking about the missing bags and showing off what he wore wrote, "luku plan B still iliweza ata kama main looks zilibaki Instanbul."

Captioning other photos from the event after their performance Njugush on his Instagram page wrote,"But we performed the show, with or without the bags….show iliweza.”

His wife said that the outfits, shoes and her wigs which were in the bag and other things will now be used in the upcoming Nairobi show that will be held on the 27th may at the KICC.

The couple highlighted the UK trip and performing outside their motherland was a dream come true 

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