Wema Sepetu - I dumped Diamond for cheating too much

It was previously stated they broke up because she couldn't conceive

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She has revealed she is the one who dumped him
• Wema is marking one year dating Whozu

Diamond and Wema Sepetu
Diamond and Wema Sepetu
Image: Courtesy

Wema Speptu has for the first time opened up about the reason she and Diamond Platnumz broke up.

Previously we have been told it was because she could not conceive yet the singer wanted a family.

Wema on Tuesday, May 9 told that she got fed up with his incessant cheating.

Wema was speaking to Haj Manara on Manara Tv a day ago when she told him that their scandals ruled the gossip airwaves.

"I happened to tackle them all, I attack the ones that should, we move regardless,"

She told of always being in the headlines. In her relationship with Diamond, there was no privacy when it came to the pair.

"Many people talk a lot but I am the one who decided to break up with Diamond until I refused his gift of a car in front of people and that is because of his habit of cheating a lot and I couldn't endure and wanted us to break up".

Wema is currently in a beautiful union with Whozu and the couple marked their first dating anniversary.

Diamond and Wema were so in love, they got a blood covenant to declare their love.

He even dedicated a song to her 'Nawaza'. Diamond cheated on Wema with Zari Hassan. He got Zari pregnant.

Wema called it quits over this.Sadly, Diamond also cheated on Zari with Hamisa Mobetto, and he also sired a child with beauty.

Zari ended their relationship over cheating.Many gossip pundits have said Wema is Diamond's real love and he often reminisces about his old flame.

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