KRG's reason for elaborate apology to Dufla

KRG's way of apologizing has brought about debate if there's more to their relationship

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• KOT said it was odd for two men to behave that way

KRG apologized to Dufla in a way Kenyans said was sexual
KRG apologized to Dufla in a way Kenyans said was sexual

On Sunday, May 7, KRG The Don went overboard in a local club to apologize to his friend Dufla Diligon.

The apology got tongues wagging, as many found it odd that a man was going to say sorry to another in such a way.

Did he feel emasculated?

Explaining why he did so to the Mungai Eve you tube channel, KRG defended his action saying his ego is not that big, telling off Kenyans saying it was sexual, "wamekauka kichwa" and that men should not do so

"Kawaida ukikosea mtu unafaa kufanya nini? What was the big deal? Do people know what I did to him to make me apologize that way?"

The mamabo imechemka singer said it's important to him to settle their beef

"Nimemtukana siku nyingi and he is my friend na imekuwa inamuuma, sasa nikaona rafiki yangu ni wa maana kwangu, huwezi chagua rafiki kama ni mfupi ama mrefu.

A friend is someone you share ideas with you hustle together so when you fight, it doesn't help either of you"

Krg also felt that an apology was overdue and he needed to go to whatever ends to make up for his terrible treatment of his friend.

"So I said sorry to him, it's only that it was in a club, and zilikuwa zimeshika, mambo ilikuwa imechemka so I took it as an opportunity to surprise him to issue a public apology and for Kenyansd to see I can be serious when saying sorry."

He has slammed KOT for overthinking his intentions.

"People have such huge egos that don't allow them to apologize, they are just weak. You will not die, sorry is just a five-lettered word, when you say that sorry it stops so many things like getting a beating."

Dufal accepted the apology

"Si ile unambia mtu pole kwa message unakka kimya unamfuata kwenye hakuna mtu anakuona"

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