Karen Nyamu sends her team to visit Mustafa's ailing mum

Mustafa's woes became public after a video of him working in a mjengo emerged.

• Mustafa's mum is ailing from cancer.

• The star has been doing menial jobs to earn a living.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has reveled she paid Mustafa's ailing mum a visit through her team.

This was after the artist highlighted the woes he is going through after a video of him working in a mjengo went viral.

Nyamu says she has been friends with the artiste  for years.

"Mustapha ni rafiki yangu wa zamani na kumuona akiwa katika hali hiyo kumenishtua pia," Said Nyamu 

(Mustafa is my friend since back in the day, and seeing him in such a state really shocked me." Nyamu shared

Nyamu says she even visited Nyamu's mum who is battling cancer.

Huu ni wito kwa mashabiki wake ambao wako tayari kusaidia familia kwa njia ndogo unayoweza na mbarikiwe,"

(When travelling my team visited his mum and gave out my help.

I am asking all his fans who are ready to help to do so, they will be blessed."

Mustafa went viral last week after a video of him working in a mjengo emerged.

It is then that he shared the troubles he has been going through.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, Mustapha mentioned that he needs a job or capital to start a business so that he can put food on the table and pay a few bills.

He noted that his biggest headache right now is his mother’s expensive treatment as she is suffering from cancer.

“I don’t consider doing music; I need a job, something I can do, to help myself. I can manage a club, I can run a shop and I also have a shop that almost closing down because ‘nimekula stock yote,”.

“For now we have not registered a till number but they can still send it to my number 0722803924 –Daud Mustaspha.

“If I get ways to restock it I can continue running it,” he mentioned.

He went ahead to reveal that he had done ‘Mjengo’ jobs for close to a year and he used to keep it a secret due to his status in the society.

He admitted that his music career has not been doing well and whenever he releases a song it flops adding that he never earns from his previous hit songs.

"Mziki haijakuwa ikifanya vizui, kila nikitoa muziki inakataa."he added.

According to Mustapha, his tribulations began in 2020, during the Corona period.

"Ilianzia between Nairobi Diaries ikashikana na corona which killed everything but I tries so hard. I took up mjengo work to help out mum because mimi bila yeye sijui.

There is a time I tried seeking help but friends screenshot to send, but I did a lot to stop that." He shared

The rapper further explained that his mother has been ailing for some time and she is always in and out of Hospital for Chemotherapy.

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