Catalyst for destruction!! Alai reacts to Kenyans 'gifting' Colonel Mustapha 600K

Alai says people should first identify what problems got Mustapha to where he is.


• Alai says people should stop throwing money at a problem when one arises.

• Mustapha was recently given 600K by Kenyans after he highlighted the struggles he is going through.

Robert Alai.
Image: Courtesy

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai has expressed his reservations about Kenyans fundraising for veteran rapper Colonel Mustapha.

In a statement on Monday, Alai said Kenyans should carefully look at the reasons the rapper is in his current state, instead of just throwing money at him.

He insisted that money can be Mustapha's destruction if the root cause of his current condition is not relooked to its entirety.

He compared Mustapha's case to that of former Tahidi High actor Omosh who is struggling despite Kenyans fundraising for him and giving him a house.

"Don’t throw money at every problem. Sit down and review why Col Moustapha is where he is.

How many times have you guys given Omosh money and even a house? Has that been the solution? What’s happening with Col?

Money becomes a catalyst for destruction when the root cause hasn’t been revised well," he said.

Alai's remarks came after reports said Kenyans of goodwill had contributed over Sh600,000 for Mustapha.

This was after a video of him working at a construction site went viral.

He later explained that things had gotten tough and he had to find a means to earn a living. 

He said he did not want to ask for help.

Mustapha also confessed that his mother is ailing and her medical needs are expensive. She is undergoing chemotherapy.

"There is something I was doing I can't talk a lot about it, but ni shughuli nimekuwa nikifanya for the past year.

But sasa kuna msee tu hapo I think alifanya hivo (leak the video) so I didn't even know usiku ndio nilipata information vile nimerudi," he said.

As of Saturday 9 pm, a group of well-wishers, steered by Fauz Khalid in an update said they had raised more than Sh600, 000 for the rapper and his family.

“We are at Sh600,000. Those trying to send cash and failing should try after midnight as he (Mustafa) has surpassed his daily limit. A pay bill will be up by Monday I am speechless!!” Khalid said.

He went ahead to thank Kenyans who have come out to help  Mustapha get back on his feet.

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