Pritty Vishy recounts scary experience with thugs

The socialite urged Kenyans to be cautious while out there

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She was boarding a PSV.

• Something scary got her attention about the situation.

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Image: Instagram/Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy has narrated a scary close encounter with robbers. Taking to her Instagram, the socialite told how she was almost robbed at gun point.

"So On Wednesday I went to make my hair. And because my hairdresser is my friend we started gisting, and I found myself leaving the salon around 6:10.., due to unavoidable situation I decided to board a matatu...Hapo Nyayo..and to my surprise like there was no mat that was going my direction.."

The ordeal almost happened very quickly if something major did not send warning to her.

"After standing there for almost 40 minutes I decided to connect, like using two buses so I didn't, nifike because I was so tired and couldn't wait for long, so this bus came and I went to ask the makanga if inapita place flani ..before answering... a dude came behind me na akamshow achilie chuma I thought ni fellow makanga coz they play a lot sometimes."

She is now spooked about such incidences as she continued to express herself below;

"Nikaendela kusimama hapo I looked down and noticed the dude behind the makanga alikuwa na bunduki and and mark you I was holding my phone kwa mkono..and people where many by that wanasukumana kupanda gari..I swear it has been a while since I saw such scenes ..and the bunduki guy was not alone.."

She has used her scary story to urge Kenyans to exercise caution about their security whenever out in the public.

"When I saw the guy I just took some steps back and got out of there because it was crowded af, I ended up calling back my loctician Joram and thank God he came to my rescue ...since that day have been weak, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE."

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