Never be ashamed of your hustle-DNA addresses Colonel Mustafa situation

The rapper advises men about doing what it takes to solve their fiancial challenges

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The rapper fell on hard times after bad financial decisions

Image: Instagram/DNA

Men should take up whatever job to be able to handle their financial obligations. Ex rapper DNA has spoken out about Colonel Mustafa's plight, after job shaming video went viral.

DNA praised Colonel for his hustle.

"Colonel Mustapha God damn ana piga mjengo. I'm proud of you bro. I am so proud of you because unlike many others have understood the program. Say no to status games in 2023 and do whatever it takes to fix your life."

DNA in a TikTok video, said the attempt to shame men for their jobs is wrong.

"Kwanza ujue marafiki ni nani. And also as a man, let me talk to the guys, you want friends, you dotn want wellwishers, hautaki watu wanafikiria tuu give me give me give em," he said about seeking financial help from the public or friends.

He advised that men should fix their problems;

"Keep your respect by paying for rent on this earth. I know it gets hard. I'm not saying tusisaidiwe, sawa, but take charge and fix your life, that's how I feel.

Colonel my brother watu wako kwa fence, they are saying ni kiki, stori si kiki. At the end of the day bro if these things that are being said are true I wish you well my brother. I pray for you and your family and your mum. At the end bro, all will be well."

The job shaming comments were addressed by Mustafa who in an interview with Mpasho confirmed he was working in a mjengo, to pay bills, especially for his mother who has cancer that is expensive to treat.

DNA said every job is worthwhile and valuable.

"Say no to status games watu hapa wakibonga stori oh what did he do with the money he made oh, ...nope to be the greatest you have to be the lowest."

Explaining what he means, DNA said, "You have to learn money. To learn money you have to burn money that's how the game goes, sawa? My friends, never be ashamed of your hustle, never, ever be ashamed of your hustle."

"Bro piga hustle yako, wewe usolve mambo yako. Don't play the comparison game. I respect Colonel, I respect all hardworking men in this country who chose not to steal, who chose not to sit around waiting for people to save them from their problems," he concluded.

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