Zari denies her bae Shakib was her late husband's watchman

Rumors swirl that Zari's husband Shakib was late Ivans watchman

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Zari denies the claims
• Shakib refuses to address rumors from netizens

Zari with Shakib at the all white party.
Image: Instagram

Zari and her new husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya are in Uganda for a brief vacation with their families.

Thenewlyweds have been enjoying sweet family moments. Zari has even taken Shakib Cham to the gravesite where her late mother was buried.

Back in Janaury, Zari took Shakib to the gravesite of her late husband Ivan SSwemwanga. The two were criticized for it. Her sons were also along for the trip.Zari also went to Shakibs parents to be introduced, where she promised them grandkids.

Shakib has remained a mystery to netizens who are trying to find out why he never shares details about his family or life.

Netizens are trying to unravel details about Zari's husband.

There are now claims in Ugandan media that Shakib was the late Ivan Sswemwanga's watchman.

Multiple pictures of Shakib with Ivan have been shared. Zari and Shakib have previously ststaed that they knew each other years back.

Zari and Shakib have addressed these heavy allegations on Thursday May 4.

Shakib worked for Ivan who at the time lived in south Africa as well as Uganda.

Zari's husband told that peoples opinions don't matter to him

"Everyone is free to say what they want. You can't stop them.”

He continued:

"I know the truth. She also knows the truth."

Zari defended him but provided some sort of insight

"We need to address this. I've seen [people saying] that Shakib used to be our gateman. He used to work for Ivan." she shared


"To set the record straight. Shakib has never worked for Ivan.” she is quoted as saying in Pulse Uganda.

She said the photos were taken while hanging out together.

Ivan Ssemwanga died six years ago, May 25, 2017, after suffering a heart attack. He was hospitalized in South Africa.

The former member of the self-styled Rich Gang group dated Zari and they had three boys namely; Pinto Semwanga, Dido Semwanga, George Semwanga.

Zari and Ssemwanga never married but they held a lavish introduction ceremony in 2011. They split two years later in 2013. she accuse dhim of domestic violence.

A year later she was officially in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz, the fathe rof her other two children.

People also want to know what Shakib does for a living.

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