10kgs lost already! Maureen Kunga reveals weight loss method she's using

The singer has admitted that she has gained a lot of weight

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The former Elani member sought ideas for her proposed method.

Former Elani singer Maureen Kunga has been struggling to lose weight. On her Instagram page, she opened up about her struggles saying post lockdown has been rough.

"I'm currently overweight, I knew that," she said about seeking professional help. She shared her testimony of weight gain and realising she needs to take charge of her health.

"Post-Lockdown I have really been struggling to get back to my more active, healthier (and frankly less heavy) self, and I have been hitting a brick wall. The scale and inches were simply NOT moving! ❌️"

She has since noticed some changes that have delighted her.

"2 months and 10kgs later, @nairobibariatric is helping me solve a BIG big problem! 🎉🎊"

The method she is using is popular with other celebrities including Maureen Waititu, Kate Actress, Jackie MAtubi and even tiktoker Official Kinuthia.

Maureen added that this is the beginning of her journey and is anticipating shedding extra weight.

"I sat down with @doc.luda from @nairobibariatric who broke down some things that could be holding me back and explained the solutions that were available to me. We settled for the Gastric Balloon and I got it inserted in February. I am happy to report that the journey has begun and things are moving!! Over 10kgs down, I finally feel like I am in control again!"

There are two types of gastric balloons offered in Kenya. The allurion/swallowable balloon, which is like a pill that you swallow then it is inflated.

The balloon stays in the stomach for 16 weeks then it will start shrinking and passes out of your digestive tract naturally. The cost of the allurion balloon is Ksh 450,000, inclusive of basic lab tests.

The other balloon is the endoscopic one and requires you to be sightly sedated for it to be inserted endoscopically.

It stays in the stomach for 6-8 months, then you need to come in for removal. The cost of the insertion is Ksh 350,000 and removal is Ksh 45,000, inclusive of basic lab tests.

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