Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu received by Bernice Saroni as she arrives in the US

It is not clear how long Nderitu will be in the US.

• It is alleged that Bernice is Samidoh's cousin.

• Bernice lives life in the first lane with her three boys in the US.

She is being hosted by Bernice Saroni.
Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu arrives in the US. She is being hosted by Bernice Saroni.
Image: Facebook

Edday Nderitu' wife to Samidoh has traveled to the US for a vacation with the kids.

The interesting bit though is that she is being hosted by Bernice Saroni who was assumed to be her husband's 'side chick' months ago.

The mother of three says she is ready to explore the US

"USA here we are ready to explore and have fun."

Through her socials, Bernice welcomed Edday, telling her life is meant to be explored.

"Welcome to the USA my siz 🇺🇸 Edday Nderitu time to explore and enjoy life is for the Living."

Kenyans have taken to the comment section to warn Karen Nyamu not to 'copy' her co-wife

Nikita Love Nyakano: Baaaaaaas sasa, they have left Kenya and samidoh for good. No going back to mugithi hit maker and concubine Nyams. May US treat you fine Edday. If I were Edday that is.......If you were her would you?.

Peter Kinuthia Muchene: Samidoh wants you gone so he Kan enjoy with nyamuu.

Ruth Bargogoi: Enjoy yourself girl you've got your kids around you life is too short ....ukipata mzunguu pia sio makosa you need someone.

Nico Great: Karen uwanja ni wako, bwana ni wako 24/7..rada safi.

Pam Jim: The wives club we are happy Eddy got abreak from all the drama..but Karenzos silence is giving us sleepless nights.

Gladys Jepkoech: Nyamu can sponsor them wherever they want so long as she enjoy with samidoh.

Cheryl Mutanu: Mwambie asirudi hapa Kenya kwa stress …akae huko atengeneze…bwana awachie wenye wanatamani ndoa.

Mike Kingstone: So now Karen has the kigongi by herself full time  let her enjoy.

Anne Karani: Ningekuwa Edday mimi Kenya singerudi,naanza maisha mapya huko US niachie Nyamu Samidoh fulltime na nikipata mzungu huko navuka naye,maisha no maya.

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