Shorn Arwa gifted a 15 million BMW by hubby to teach herself to drive

Arwa recently relocated to go and live with her husband.

• Shorn Arwa is a mother of one.

• She is married to a Nigerian man.

Shorn Arwa gifted a new car.

Kenyan Youtuber Shorn Arwa has been gifted a brand new BMW X1.

According to the mother of one.

She had wanted to go for driving classes before she can buy a car.

Her husband however had other plans. He decided to give her a car so that she can learn how to drive as she kept postponing it.

In a video shared online, Arwa is seen showing off her car to a family member to the excitement of many.

In Kenya a brand new BMW X1 price in Kenya is around Ksh 15 million.

Arwa recently relocated.

Through her Youtube channel, she expressed how nostalgic she felt because of the move.

 Arwa was moved to tears expressing her concern at starting a new chapter in her life in a country where she is not used to their way of life.

"I really wanted to leave but when I left I wasn't as happy as I thought because the fact that I was leaving everything I had known, leaving behind my friends and my family, is like a child learning to walk," said Arwa.

Arwa added that she is worried about adapting to a foreign life because everything is new. She added that her son will not have a chance to live in Kenya because he will grow up in a different environment.

Although Arwa has not revealed where she has moved to, she pointed out that her son and his father met for the first time this year when she left with her son to go abroad.

Arwa further explained that she is grateful to her sister for raising her as her own child while saying that she came from a family where they were looked down upon for not being able to succeed.

The content creator said that despite people seeing them as idiots in class, they managed to pass school because of her sister.

"I come from a family that was thought to be stupid in class, but God has worked through my sister and we have all qualified."

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