Photos of Video director Khan, who perished in Mr Seed's accident

He was the founder of Khans clarity films & Khans clarity photography

β€’ Mr Seed and DK Kwenye Beat survived the accident with minor injuries.

β€’ Not much is known about Khan as he lived a private life.

He died after being involved in an accident alongside Mr Seed and DK Kwenye Beat.
Video director Ambroze Khan. He died after being involved in an accident alongside Mr Seed and DK Kwenye Beat.
Image: Instagram

Video director Ambroze Khan is no more.

He passed away in a grisly road accident that left Mr Seed and DK Kwenye Beat injured.

The group had traveled to look for land before they got involved in an accident that claimed 3 lives.

Two of the dead passengers were from the other car .

Video director Ambroze Khan

Xtian Ndela made Khan's identity public ,further calling out the artists who survived the accident saying they were behaving as if Khan never existed.

"I'm glad that your local 'celebs' survived that accident that killed my friend Ambroze. What I honestly can't understand is how was Ambro the only one who died in that car that had 5 people. Who was driving? Were they sober? We need answers!" Xtian posted on his IG Stories.

Adding: "I have personally been in 'convoys' and these 'celebs' drive recklessly. It's a shame that none of them has even posted and mentioned his name. He is called Ambroze! Mention him! Ambroze!"

In an update from his Hospital bed, Starborn Empire (Seed’s management) noted that the star is responding well to treatment.

Seed and DK Kwenye Beat are nursing injuries following an accident that claimed the life of one of their friend and two others.

β€˜On April 29th, 2023, Mr Seed was involved in a gruesome road accident that left him with a pelvic fracture.

β€œHe was one of the five passengers including one of his photographers, a videographer, an artiste, and a businessman. We are deeply saddened by the passing away of one of the passengers with him and two from the other vehicle involved, and our thoughts and condolences are with their families and loved ones during this difficult time.

"We are relieved to report that Mr Seed is currently receiving medical attention and is in stable condition," the statemen said. 

Seed has been advised by medical professionals to take three weeks of bed rest as he recovers.

"However, due to his injuries, he has been advised by medical professionals to take a three-week bed rest to fully recover. We will continue to provide updates on his condition and progress," they added. 

The management also noted that Mr Seed will be away from social media and his team will provide all the necessary updates to the public and his fans,.

β€œWe ask that you respect Mr. Seed’s privacy and give him time to focus on his recovery. We will continue to provide updates on his condition and progress as they become available," statement added. 

Adding that; β€ Despite the setback, Mr.Seed is determined to continue creating and sharing his art with the world…in the meantime, please keep Mr. Seed in your prayers,”.

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