Miracle Baby & gf unmoved after criticism over Sh 87k club bill

Others trolled them pointing out that they should never ever see a pay bill number from the two begging for help if anything ever strikes them again.

• The couple doubled down later on and even showed of their bundles of cash as they spent time in their bedroom.

Peter Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue
Image: Instagram

Former Sailors gang member turned vernacular artist Peter Miracle Baby yesterday evening took to his socials to flaunt the thousands he'd spent during a night out at a popular club in Nairobi.

According to the receipt, the young artist in true spirit of enjoyment had spent close to 90 thousand at a club, a move that made him so happy he couldn't hold himself back from sharing online.

Taking to his Instagram stories he shared the receipt which read KES 87,930 for just alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, and water. They had clearly eaten very well before that and thirst was their online concern.

"Kujibamba na mabeshte ni kitu ya kufanya ujam (is going out to have fun with friends something to make you get upset?)" Miracle Baby captioned the post in which in the background his girlfriend could be heard lecturing him on the amount of money he'd spent.

"Babe hizi ndio pesa ulitumia jana, (this is all the money you spent yesterday?)" A pressed Carol could be heard saying to which Peter arrogantly replied saying yes and it is because his friends had come over.

Still in disbelief or also wanting to flaunt the receipt online Carol Katrue shared it to her stories and captioned it, "babe seriously @Peter Miracle baby huyu hakumbuki tuko na mtoto (this one is acting like he doesn't remember we have a small baby)" accompanied with bombastic side eye emojis.

Kenyans in the comment section called out the young couple reminding them that splurging in a club on alcohol wasn't an achievement.

Others trolled them pointing out that they should never ever see a pay bill number from the two begging for help if anything ever strikes them again.

If you don't recall sometime back Peter was hospitalized and Carol had put up several posts asking Kenyans for help to foot his pending hospital bills that she said had accumulated to a high amount.

Others pointed out the fact that Miracle Baby has been accused of being a deadbeat on several occasions and should focus on taking care of his kids rather than wasting money.

The two however were not having it. Responding to the Kenyans in the post Carol asks netizens to stop being so jealous as it could lead to their untimely death.

"Kenyans si mta dedi na wivu... anyway mkasikie vibaya na huko kwenu," wrote the mother of one accompanying the post with several laughing emojis.

Her baby daddy not willing to be left behind also commented on the post highlighting that most of the guys hating were just broke and bitter.

"@Carol Katrue na uki note wengi wa watu wenye hutusiana wanakuanga wamewashiwa hotspot," wrote Peter accompanying the post with lots of laughing emojis.

To finish off their "we don't care" moment aimed at Kenyans, Carol posted a video of her baby daddy sleeping in their bed with lots of money in denominations of 1000 bob and 200 bob notes spilled across him.

Shortly afterward she started throwing the money up and down directed at him causing him to wake from his "sleep" looking at the huge sum of cash in disbelief.

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