Kumbe! Harmonize and Diamond's mom normally speak

Konde Boy and Chibu have a complicated history

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• "Harmonize and Diamond are still friends, just say what ended maybe of joint cooperation in the music business, but other things are the same."

Rayvanny with Diamond Platnumz in the past.
Image: Instagram

After a week of rumours that Harmonize is dating Diamond's sister, Esma Platnumz, news has emerged that the artist also has a good relationship with Mama Dangote, who is the mother of Esma and Diamond.

A close friend of Harmonize, DJ Seven revealed this during an exclusive interview with Sky where he said that Harmonize often talks to Mama Dangote on the phone.

According to Seven, there is no enmity between the Konde Gang and Wasafi as many assume because of what happened between Harmonize and Diamond.

"The truth is that Harmonize and Diamond are friends, just say it's the music business they stopped doing together. Harmonize can't run away from his history with Diamond. It is something that exists and they were friends and family. I am surprised because I have seen them many times. It will just happen that Diamond and Konde Boy just meet and eat together," DJ Seven opened up.

He said that in life there is no hatred between two families that were once together and therefore Dangote's mother has no hatred towards Harmonize at all.

"One day I saw that Harmonize had called Esma and she was with Mama Dangote and she told him sir I am here with my mother, Harmonize told her to let me say hello to her and they talked. That is something I have seen with my own eyes," Seven said.

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