Amber Ray and bae hint at unborn daughter's name on Rapudo's birthday

The socialite organized an epic birthday for her baby daddy

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The party was on the outskirts of Nairobi.

• He has received beautiful messages from her family including her son.

Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo.
Image: Instagram

Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray have 'reunited' for the second time since their public breakup. Rapudo, the man she is expecting a baby with very soon, has turned a year older.

The couple was Saturday, April 29 celebrating Rapudo's birthday. The socialite threw him a lavish birthday party in a dome that wowed many.

Her caption hinting at their daughter's name was, "Happy birthday Baba Africanah.🥰"

His cake was even themed to represent his favorite colour-gold. Amber Ray's fiance shared the beautiful messages their children wrote on his birthday

He said the birthday memory will be cherished forever.

"Happy and blessed am happy! Happy because I am not defined by what people say, happy because I have a family that loves and cares about what matters to me. My mother gave birth to me and now I’m celebrated by mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters that I have come to know as family," he wrote partly.

The golfing enthusiast also penned an additional message to his unborn daughter with Amber;

"Today I celebrate my birthday surrounded by love. Tomorrow I celebrate my unborn daughter with the chef and the love of my life. Today I am born again and tomorrow will be better because of the love brewing in my heart. I am not afraid to love because love only gives and has no room to take. Thank you so much mama Africanah for your endless love ❤️@iam_amberay."


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