MC Gogo reveals how he deals with attention from the ladies

Gogo says he is an Emcee despite having studied Psychology.

• He is best loved for his hype videos in clubs.

• He thanked Maina Kageni for helping raise his popularity.

MC Gogo

Sensational TitToker MC GOgo says despite studying Psychology he is not doing anything related to that field.

He however said the course helps him relate with people during his job as a hype man.

Speaking during an interview with Nick Odhiambo and Jeff Koinange the hype master shared

"I am a Psychologist by profession but I do not practice it.

The Psychology degree however helps me interact with people and read their mood during my line of work."

Asked how he handles attention from girls, Gogo confirmed he is dating thus he has to put up boundaries.. 

"The girls are too many.

But I have discipline and know what boundaries I am not supposed to cross, Plus I have a girlfriend.

Knowing myself is something that has really helped.

Just because I am lots of followers doesn't mean they are always with me.

I know how to differentiate between my work and the real me."

In the past, Gogo praised radio King Maina Kageni for helping raise his popularity after playing one of his audios on his Morning show.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, he shared;

"My best moment is having Maina and Kingangi use my audio for their radio show.

It was one of the best feelings nilikuwa nimelala that day.

I think I had a gig the previous night or something then I got a call, that I did not pick up. "

Then I got more calls after that "


"Im like eh kwani nimechoma mahali? Kwani kuna chai iko inje " he explained to Ofweneke.

So he returns one call and is told that Maina and Kingangi on Classic 105 have referred to him on their morning show.

"Iyo kitu ilinishangaza trust me. I was even sent for the audio, and then what even made me so happy was to be used as an ad for the whole week.

So like my name was on Radio for a whole week."

He says this has helped his popularity climb even further.

"itabidi ipande ndugu yangu"

Ofweneke praised him for working hard saying as a veteran Mc he is proud

"We are happy when we see our young brothers coming up and we see you guys changing the gamer, I want you to know I've always been your fan"

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