Big lesson Brian Mutinda learnt from dealing with Nonini

He also told influencers to learn from him


•  The influencer was sued by Nonini for using his song for commercial purposes without his consent.

Brian Mutinda
Image: Instagram

In an interview with a local interviewer, Brian Mutinda opened up and cautioned other social media influencers on using music without asking for consent from the music creator.

Mutinda revealed that creators experience a bunch of challenges from equipment, and copyright laws just to mention a few he said;

"Challenges ni mingi sana, si rahisi, tunapambana tu," he said in an interview with Tuko.

He also urged the government to formulate policies that will ensure that there is a peaceful collaboration between musicians and social media creators explaining that;

"The policies should be put in place to incorporate this new digital media and how artists can make money because if I call an artist to ask for permission ni ngumu kuwafikia."

He added that he is lucky since he has some celebrities' contacts and noted that it can be difficult for upcoming creators.

"We need to sit down as every stakeholder in the creative industry and have a discussion and see what can be done," he continued.

Last year, the online influencer in an advert for TV manufacturing company Synix, used the rapper's legendary song 'We Kamu' in his content without permission which landed him in problems with the law.

Nonini sued him, won and was awarded about one million Kenyan shillings. On that, he said that the industry should learn from him and think before posting anything.

As he urged creators to be careful, and actively engage other people from musicians to dancers just to be on the safe side.

He concluded by pleading with the government to find ways of monetizing digital platforms by saying;

"We need to be paid for having these platforms and not only through brand partnerships."

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