Heartless! Alinur condemns Kitengela woman recorded eating her child

It is not clear what the motive behind the gruesome murder is.

• Alinur says he regretted watching the video of the woman stabbing her child to death.


Alinur Mohamed.

Alinur Mohamed, known to many as Somali bae has expressed his shock after watching a Kitengela woman stab her daughter to death.

He says we have become sick as a nation due to the constant murders happening every day.

In the last week 78 bodies have been recovered in Shakahola, The people were advised to fast to death by Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

"Why did I watch that Kitengela Video? Now I will never forgive myself!!! For 3mins 27-year-old Olivia Naseren stabbed to death her two-year-old daughter Glory Njeri more than 100 times." Penned Alinur


"After cutting her child into pieces, she then ate the intestines and kidney. She did that because she parted ways with the minor's father.

If we are not yet done with Pastor Paul Mackenzie, then this happens. We are a sick and heartless society."

Police in Kitengela is investigating a case where a  Kitengela woman stabbed her two-year-old child to death more than 100 times.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the woman could be heard singing as she continuously stabbed the young girl.

She then proceeded to eat the child's internal organs among them her intestines.

Before the child could be saved by her neighbour at Nyika estate, in Kitengela town, the woman had already eaten some of the body parts.

A witness told the Star late evening that the woman grabbed the child who was playing with others and walked into her house before they heard the child screaming.

She is said to have broken stuff in the house among them the TV set.

A man is heard crying asking if what he is seeing is true. He then asks people to call for help (police).

Moments later, the woman was seen with bloody teeth and clothes. Her neighbours immediately called the police.

Outgoing Kitengela OCS David Shani confirmed the case and said the woman had already been arrested and is in police custody.

“The remaining parts of her child are at the Kitengela sub-county hospital mortuary. The case is being handled by the DCI,” Shani said.

This happened only two days after a man killed his lover at an eatery in Kitengela town.

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