'Mi Amor' Marioo reveals how he seduced Paula Kajala

The musician admitted that he got his first lover after venturing into the music scene


• Marioo revealed that he was a virgin when he released his first single in 2017.

Marioo with Paula Kajala.
Image: Instagram

Bongo singer Omary Mwanga aka Marioo and model Paula Kajala have continued to show a deep romance between them.

On Thursday, Frida Kajala's daughter posted a video of herself enjoying time with the 'Mi Amor' hit singer.

"My sugar daddy," Paula wrote in the video, which she posted on her Snapchat account. In the video, the two were seen having a good time together in a bedroom.

Marioo wore a vest and shorts while Paula couldn't be seen because she was the one filming the video.

The singer was seen handing Paula Tanzanian banknotes while noting that this was the way he goes about seducing a woman.

It is not clear if the two are dating but they have definitely admitted that they love each other. A few days ago, Marioo praised the beauty of the 20-year-old model and stated that he loved her.

While responding to the Instagram post, Paula said she wished they had met earlier. "I wish I could have met you earlier," she wrote and attached emojis that indicated deep love for him.

Speaking in an interview with Millard Ayo, the musician admitted that he was a virgin when he released his first single in 2017.

He said that nothing was stopping him from finding a lover but he was not ready for a relationship. He said he found his first woman while living with his brother but that she later dumped him.

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