Suzanna Owiyo and Nyaminde frustrated about this constant baby question

These two mothers have had enough of KOT questions about having more children

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

β€’ They are each proud mothers to one child with Nyaminde having a boy and Owiyo a girl

Suzanna Opiyo with her daughter
Image: Instagram

Suzanna Owiyo and Nyaminde are not happy with incessant questions about why they choose to have only one child.

Mothers of only children are most likely to be confronted with the why and when question. It may even be worse for celebrity mothers to an only children.

And that is something that celebrated singer Suzanna Owiyo and actress Jacky Nyaminde aka Wilbroda are riled about.

These celebrities are well-known moms to only children and have their reasons for it. They might have more kids in the future; who knows?

But for now, they seem pretty happy and proud of having one child. Suzanna has a daughter and she has not made it clear whether her daughter will have another sibling or not.

Nyaminde has a son and has not spoken about adding others either.

On her Instagram, Owiyo demanded to know in a statement, "Some questions you guys ask me in these streets sometimes! Kwani uko na mtoto mmoja tu! Hutaki kuongeza," she stated in exasperation.

Nyaminde also responded the same way adding "πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’― Korekt!"

Below are supportive comments from their fans telling people to stop child-shaming others.

rozzymungora Same to me,n it irritates me so much.who said one or none is a crime😏😏

fredrick_sebastian_kahora They should mind they own business

dorkydoc_key People should be so careful with this question 😒they don’t know behind the scenes how it is

salmabdallah47 Nikama watalipa school fees😒

Other Kenyan female celebrities with one child include; Amina Rabar, Jacky Vike, Ruth Matete, Georgina Njenga, and Tanasha Donna.

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